Agile Training, Specifically For Recruiters

This online training course has been created specifically for people working in recruitment, hiring or HR.

It aims to give them a solid understanding of agile, its mindset, frameworks, certifications and a whole range of issues that emerge when recruiting agile talent.

Participants are emailed a new series of training videos each week for 6 weeks.

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Module 1 - Introducing Agile

This module sets out why Agile For Recruiters was set up, and introduces participants to agile thinking from first principles, looking at how projects used to be run, why agile approaches came about and how the frameworks evolved. It then explores the agile manifesto in some depth, before looking at some common fallacies around what agile is, and a simple model for understanding the difference between agile, its frameworks and the components of those frameworks.

1.1 Introduction (3 Mins 7 Seconds)
1.2 Why Agile For Recruiters Was Established (7 Mins 34 Seconds)
1.3 A Brief History Of Project Management (9 Mins 49 Seconds)
1.4 A Brief History Of Agile (17 Mins 55 Seconds)
1.5 Introducing The Agile Mindset (4 Mins 9 Seconds)
1.6 The Agile Manifesto (28 Mins 53 Seconds)
1.7 What Agile Is Not (9 Mins 48 Seconds)
1.8 The Agile Hierarchy (3 Mins 14 Seconds)

Total Running Time: 1 Hour, 24 Mins, 29 Seconds

Module 2 - Agile Frameworks

This module looks in depth at the different agile frameworks, to help recruiters know which skills go with which frameworks, and even advise clients on the right frameworks to use in their context. Why hire for a Kanban role if the project is better suited to Scrum?

It introduces Scrum in detail, then looks at XP, considering how some of its values influenced the agile manifesto, and some of its practices cross-pollinated into frameworks like Scrum. It then moves on to consider DSDM in a high level overview and Kanban, in the sense that it isn’t actually a framework. Finally it looks at the different scaling agile frameworks that are available, before exploring agile coaching in terms of its different levels and stances.

2.1 Introducing Agile Frameworks (5 Mins 55 Seconds)
2.2 Introducing Scrum (4 Mins 27 Seconds)
2.3 The Scrum Master (5 Mins 48 Seconds)
2.4 The Product Owner (6 Mins 23 Seconds)
2.5 Scrum Team Members (3 Mins 46 Seconds)
2.6 The Sprint Cycle (12 Mins 51 Seconds)
2.7 Scrum Conclusion (1 Mins 41 Seconds)
2.8 Introducing eXtreme Programming (XP) (2 Mins 52 Seconds)
2.9 XP Practices (5 Mins 42 Seconds)
2.10 Introducing DSDM (6 Mins 2 Seconds)
2.11 DSDM Roles & Phases (2 Mins 24 Seconds)
2.12 Introducing Kanban (1 Mins 54 Seconds)
2.13 Kanban Principles (9 Mins 1 Seconds)
2.14 Kanban vs Scrum (4 Mins 2 Seconds)
2.15 Scaling Frameworks (16 Mins 9 Seconds)
2.16 Agile Coaching (10 Mins 34 Seconds)
2.17 Conclusion (59 Seconds)

Total Running Time: 1 Hour, 40 Mins, 30 Seconds

Module 3 - Agile Certifications

This module explores the different agile certifications on offer, aiming to help recruiters understand what they are looking at when they see certifications on a candidate’s CV. It also addresses the myth that certifications are meaningless in the face of experience, since many certifications are in fact certification of experience.

It looks at some areas where there are plenty of certifications (e.g. Scrum), some where there seem to be fewer (e.g. XP), as well as some of the scaling framework certifications. It also looks at relevant certifications from outside of the agile frameworks, such as those offered by the British Computer Society and the Project Management Institute, as well as coaching certifications from the International Coaching Federation, and even the value of course such as MBAs and psychotherapy for adopting and working with agile.

3.1 Introducing Certifications (4 Mins 48 Seconds)
3.2 Scrum Alliance Certifications (15 Mins 47 Seconds)
3.3 Certifications (9 Mins 20 Seconds)
3.4 DSDM Consortium Certifications (7 Mins 35 Seconds)
3.5 British Computer Society Certifications (3 Mins 56 Seconds)
3.6 Project Management Institute (3 Mins 3 Seconds)
3.7 eXtreme Programming Certifications (57 Seconds)
3.8 Kanban Certifications (1 Mins 39 Seconds)
3.9 International Coaching Federation Certifications (4 Mins 0 Seconds)
3.10 Scaling Agile Certifications (5 Mins 18 Seconds)
3.11 Transferable Certifications (3 Mins 22 Seconds)

Total Running Time: 59 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Module 4 - Servant Leadership, Bonuses & Sectors

This module explores in more depth some of the issues that recruiters would benefit from understanding around agile. For example, what is servant leadership, and how can you spot it in a candidate when it involves putting others first? Are performance bonuses something that attract agile talent, or do they actually make them doubt the hiring organisation’s agility? Which markets and sectors are adopting agile? How can you spot which sectors might be adopting it next, and get in early before the competition?

4.1 Servant Leadership (3 Mins 27 Seconds)
4.2 Management or Leadership (2 Mins 23 Seconds)
4.3 A Brief History of Leadership (6 Mins 42 Seconds)
4.4 Inverting The Hierarchy (4 Mins 7 Seconds)
4.5 The Problems With Servant Leadership (5 Mins 30 Seconds)
4.6 Should Recruiters Servant Lead (2 Mins 15 Seconds)
4.7 Do Bonuses Harm Agility (1 Mins 17 Seconds)
4.8 Bonuses, Power & Control (14 Mins 32 Seconds)
4.9 Which Industries Are Adopting Agile? (16 Mins 47 Seconds)

Total Running Time: 57 Mins, 0 Seconds

Module 5 - Future Thinking In Agile Recruitment

This module looks at some of the future issues and innovations that could be used to improve recruitment for agile roles, including the degree to which technical skills should be balanced with soft skills, a simple technique for assessing agile cultures in client organisations, and a revolutionary new way of redesigning job advertisements to fit the agile mindset. This module will be added to over time as new issues emerge and are explored.

5.1 Introduction (2 Mins, 6 Seconds)
5.2 Should Your Scrum Master Be Technical? (9 Mins 12 Seconds)
5.3 User Story Job Descriptions (12 Mins 29 Seconds)
5.4 Spotting Agile Cultures (17 Mins 53 Seconds)

Total Running Time: 41 Mins, 40 Seconds

Module 6 - Creating Great Agile Recruitment

This final module of the Agile For Recruiters course brings together all of the content from the previous five modules to answer one simple question: What would great agile recruitment look like?

It looks in more detail at what practitioners said they would like from recruiters in this space, then suggests a detailed action plan for recruiters to work through to become great at agile recruitment. It then leaves participants with a list of resources to continue their agile learning, and gives them an opportunity to feedback on the course, and get any of their additional questions answered.

6.1 Introduction (1 Mins 32 Seconds)
6.2 Agile Practitioner Feedback (7 Mins 22 Seconds)
6.3 What Would Great Agile Recruitment Look Like? (34 Mins 41 Seconds)
6.4 Further Learning (6 Mins 25 Seconds)
6.5 Questions & Feedback (2 Mins 29 Seconds)

Total Running Time: 52 Mins, 29 Seconds


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